I grew up in West Africa – Dakar till we moved to Munich in Germany. Afterwards I attended the Elementary School of Queens in New York City, USA where I first experienced the American way of life. I was enrolled at the American School in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for my middle school and high – school years. This special mix of cultures: African, American, and Brazilian life styles combined with my German family values to give me an international perspective and an appreciation for inter-cultural communication. Even today, I still love travelling to my favourite destinations in Ireland, Great Britain, USA, Brazil and also to Paris to experience different cultures, people and their life styles.

International Curriculum Vitae

West Africa – Dakar : 1960 – 1965

Germany – München : 1965 – 1969

USA – New York City – Elementary School of Queens in New York : 1969 -1971

Brazil – Rio de Janeiro – Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro : 1971– 1978 High School Diploma

High School Foreign Languages:
English – 12 years, German – 4 years, French – 4 years, Portuguese – 8 years

Germany – Bodensee – Internat Schloss Salem 1978 -1979

I remember with fondness my younger years at what was the most exclusive private school in South America “ Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro“, an international High School where I came into direct contact with the American way of life, its culture and its values. There I obtained an American High School Diploma – Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

After my high school years in Rio de Janeiro – I attended “Internat Schloss Salem“ an international elite boarding school in Germany where I experienced an international elite school system in Germany. My favourite subjects in Salem were languages, psychology, literature and I loved sailing around the beautiful Bodensee . It was a great time at the Sailing Club Bodensee and an exclusive school experience with Internat Schloss Salem.

Later I continued my international educational studies of foreign languages, psychology, education in Brazil and United States within my “Work & Study“ experience whereas my practical teaching experience within EFL is from 1978 till 2008 – a quite profound know-how of teaching English as a Foreign Language within university or international business communication. Moreover … I love lecturing in English … Psychology, Business Psychology, Gender Communication, Intercultural Communication and International Business English.

Rio de Janeiro 1979 – Work & Study

International Educational Studies – Collegio Amaro Brazil – Portuguese, English, German & Teaching German – English – Portuguese – Rio de Janeiro

International Academic Studies – Saint Joseph`s College & University of Washington – Adult Education & Teaching – Developmental Psychology – Psychology Studies – Educational Psychology – Social Psychology – Psychology as a Social Science – Religion – Psychopathology – Gender Studies – Academic English & German Level III – University Certification

1978 – 2008 Practical Teaching Experience – 30 years – Brazil/Germany/UK
Language Schools – Business School/College – Vocational School – University of Applied Sciences

Berufsbildungszentrum Fulda 2005
Aufbau des BBZ -Englischprogramms 2005
IHK Zertifizierung Fulda Englisch als Fremdsprache
IHK Zertifikate Fulda Englisch für den Beruf Module II
IHK Zertifikate Fulda Wirtschaftsenglisch
Zertifikate IHK Fulda – Arbeitsämter

International Seminars for Foreign Language Teachers – 120 hours Seminar Certifications
ELTAF – English Teacher Association Frankfurt Conference Frankfurt 2006
Sprache & Beruf – Internationale Bildungsmesse Düsseldorf 2006

University of Applied Sciences 2000 – 2008 – Hochschule Fulda

  1. English for International Management Semester I, II, III, IV
  2. English for ICEUS MA – Semester I, II
  3. TOEFL Preparation for IMA – Requirement for USA Studies
  4. Aufbaukurse English I, II
  5. English for Social Science ZI, ZII, ZIII
  6. English for Social Science BA Semester I, II
  7. Prüfer Zertifikatsprüfung schriftliches/mündliches
  8. Lehrkraft für die Hochschule mit besonderen Aufgaben
  9. TOEIC Preparation – Test of English for International Communication 2008

Director of International Business Communication – September 2006
Internationaler Privater Bildungsträger 

International English Program & International Certifications GACCNY 2005
International Academic Education & Training Certificate from AHK New York 2006
International Certifications 2006 – International Business English for Accounting & Taxes – B2
German American Chamber of Commerce (GACCNY) – AHK New York 

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