English for Law auf C1 Level

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English for Law auf C1 Level 


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  1. English communication for legal students, practitioners, lawyers that need English to read legal texts & court proceedings
  2. Professional & international highly relevant authentic texts and information
    • The Study and Classification of Law & English University Law Degree & Cambridge University Law Faculty
    • Branches of Law – English Law & Civil Law – Law Legal Systems
    • Case –Law System – Introduction to English Law
    • Basic Method & Principles of the Common Law
    • State & Government – The UK – Composition & History of the UK
    • The UK System of Government
    • Role & Power of Monarchy, Legislative & Executive & Law Offices of the Crown
    • The Constitution – Understanding Public Law, The UK Electoral System
    • Reading Critical Analysis, Reading Work of Legal References – Constitutional Conventions
    • Factual Quiz on English Law
    • Reading a Law Textbook & Reading a Statute & Reading a Case
    • The Interpretation of Statutes by English Courts & Comparing Judicial Interpretation in other Legal Systems
    • EC Law – The Interpretation & Application of the Law of the European Community in the UK
    • Reading Works of Legal References & a House of Lords Statement
    • The Courts – The Hierarchy & Jurisdiction of Civil & Criminal Courts in England & Wales
    • Private Law Contract – An English Court Case, The Formation of a Contract : Agreement
    • Reading an Offer & the Terms & Conditions of a Contract – The Rolls Royce Share Offer
    • Factual Quiz on English Law
    • Public Law – Criminal Law, Reading a European Court of Human Rights Case, Reading Newspaper Crime Reports
    • The Facts of a Case, The Background to the Case, Articles from the Independent, Guardian, and The Sunday Times
    • International Law – Human Rights
    • Reading a European Court of Human Rights Judgement – Tyrer Case
    • Judgment & Decision, Identifying Law Terms : International Law & Domestic Law
    • International Law – The Rainbow Warrior Affair – International and Comparative Law
    • The Law – An Analysis of the Principles of International Law
    • Abbreviations in International Law
    • Holders of High Offices in the UK and International Organisations
    • Reading an International Court of Justice Judgment
    • Diplomatic Relations – United States of America v. Iran
    • Factual Quiz on English and International Law
  3. Materials used in English Law are authentic legal texts with specialised terms and complex language which give legal vocabulary and the usage of English of the law

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