4.5 English for International Universities – TOEFL Preparation

4.5 English for International Universities – TOEFL Preparation 


What is a TOEFL?

TOEFL is a standardized Test of English as a foreign Language which is required for non native speakers who plan to study at international universities abroad. Preparation courses offer TOEFL tests for…

  • Listening Comprehension (multiple choice)
  • Structure and Written Expression (multiple choice)
  • Reading Comprehension (multiple choice)
  • Essay Writing

TOEFL tests can be taken at Amerikanisches Generalkonsulat in Frankfurt

International Cv or Resumee for working / studying abroad

“Interactive & Intercultural Communication“

  • Cultural Briefing, The Effects of Global Business, Case Study: Combining Global & Local
  • Types of Culture, Gender and Communication, Stereotyping
  • Cultural Influences, Body Language, The Native and Non-Native Speaker
  • Profiling Corporate Cultures, Case Study: Telephone Language, Learning Styles
  • Profiling Group Cultures, SWOT Analysis, Case Study: Troubleshooting
  • Cultural Dilemmas, Culture & Communication, Work Types
  • Communication Styles, Positive Communication, Developing Intercultural Competence

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